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'Inspired by motion' is the MOVE motto. 

Freedom of movement in all its aspects determines quality of life – from cell to organ and from organ to the entire body.
That’s why we at MOVE are 

Our inspiration is substantiated through Innovative, surprising and fundamental research on human movement with focus on rehabilitation, regenerative medicine and sports

Cutting edge translational research
We combine various fields of study and innovative techniques with focus on implementation and use in society.

Interdisciplinary, interactive & collaborative
We cooperate with everyone who wants to support or cure people. From patients to top sportsmen, from dental surgeons to physiotherapists, from industry to health insurance companies, from coaches to cell biologists.

Giving back to society
With applicable knowledge in articles, trainings, guidelines, inventions and advice to professionals we give our knowledge back to society.

Driven by excellence
The highest research quality is our norm.

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