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BrainModes 2013 Symposium

BrainModes 2013: Criticality, connectivity, and neural masses

December 2-3, 2013, VU University Amsterdam

“BrainModes” is an annual scientific summit which seeks to explore innovative means of understanding complex brain activity and multimodal neuroscience data sets. An overview of previous meetings can be found at www.brainmodes.org

General aim of the meetings is to foster an interdisciplinary, open-minded discussion of brain modeling (analytically and numerically) and multivariate data analysis (EEG, MEG, fMRI, etc). The central motif is that of “modes” – that is, understanding how complex brain activity is organized around low dimensional manifolds.

Local Organisation Committee


A. Daffertshofer (marlow [at] fbw.vu.nl) 
Research Institute MOVE 
VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

T.W. Boonstra (t.boonstra [at] unsw.edu.au) 
Systems Neuroscience Group
University of New South Wales, Australia 


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