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Rhythm Production and Perception Workshop 2015

Background and objectives

The Rhythm Production and Perception Workshop (RPPW) is a biannual meeting organized since 1984. It is a meeting for those engaged in the scientific study of rhythm production and perception. RPPW has emerged out of a community of psychologists, neuroscientists, and cognitive scientists who share an interest in the understanding of the rhythmic aspects to human experience covering a broad area from human movement timing and time perception. Please see rppw.org for more information.

It is the third time the RPPW will be organized in the Netherlands. The ambition of this 15th edition is to try and stretch the interdisciplinary nature of the workshop even further. Most notably towards neuroscience and behavioral, neural and cognitive biology. Neuroscience and neurobiology are rapidly developing fields that share an interest in rhythm research, ranging from the study of rowing, golf and music performance to Parkinson disease. The other bridge that will be made explicit in this edition are the fields of behavioral biology and neurobiology This field is rapidly growing and the expectation is that this group of researchers will attend as well, making the 15th edition of the RPPW more interdisciplinary than ever before.

Topics that will be listed in the call for papers are (including but not restricted to): rhythm perception, rhythm production, music perception and performance, neuroimaging of underlying processes, mathematical modeling of rhythm perception and production, and applications.



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