Rhythm Production and Perception Workshop 2015

RPPW is a biannual summit that seeks to explore innovative means of understanding rhythm production and perception. Rhythms are paramount in human functioning. Walking, talking, music performance – they all have rhythmic components. As of today the neurobiology of the underlying timing is not well understood, let alone the corresponding cognitive processes. The 15th edition of RPPW is therefore devoted to integrating various disciplines like biophysics, neurophysiology, cognitive psychology, and the science of music.

Local Organization Committee


RPPW15_logoAndreas Daffertshofer
<a.daffertshofer [at] vu.nl>
MOVE Research Institute Amsterdam 
VU University Amsterdam

Henkjan Honing
<honing [at] uva.nl>
University of Amsterdam

Lieke Peper
<l.peper [at] vu.nl>
MOVE Research Institute Amsterdam
VU University Amsterdam





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