Rhythm Production and Perception Workshop 2015


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9:00     Registration (coffee/tea) 
9:45     Opening remarks
10:00   Keynote 1
Animals and rhythms: who can dance to the beat?
            Carel J. ten Cate
11:00   Break (coffee/tea)
11:30   Oral Session 1: Pathology
-        Sensorimotor timing is associated to the effect of rhythmical gait training in Parkinson’s disease
Charles-Etienne Benoit, S.A. Kotz, N. Farrugia, P. Keller, H. Obrig, S. Mainka, & S. Dalla Bella
-        Stimulus type and variability increase the effects of rhythmic auditory cueing on the Parkinsonian walk
Dobri G. Dotov, S. Bayard, V. Cochen de Cock, B. Bardy, & S. Dalla Bella
-        Sensorimotor beta-band oscillations reveal no special benefit from rhythmicity in Parkinson’s disease
Erik S. te Woerd, R. Oostenveld, B.R. Bloem, F.P. de Lange, & P. Praamstra
12:30   Lunch

14:00   Oral Session 2: Development
-        The development of rhythm perception and social implications of musical engagement in infancy
Laura K. Cirelli & L.J. Trainor
-        The correlation between auditory rhythm processing and language skills in early to mid adolescence
Manon Grube, C. Davison, S. Kumar, & T.D. Griffiths
-        The influence of phrase boundaries on adults’ and children’s timing in self-paced music listening: A new dwell-time paradigm
Haley E. Kragness & L.J. Trainor
-        Emergent and event related timing in the drumming of children between 3 and 11 years old
Leon van Noorden
15:20   Break (coffee/tea)

15:50   Oral Session 3: Language
-        Bimodal rhythm processing in children with developmental language disorders
Clare Cullen, A. Hsu, & G. Wiggins
-        Listeners can identify speakers based on idiosyncratic rhythm
Volker Dellwo, L. He, & K. Dimos
-        The rhythm of dialogue
Anne van Leeuwen, J. van Berkum, & H. Quené

16:50   Welcome drinks

19:00   End



9:00     (coffee/tea)
9:30     Keynote 2
Rhythm perception and the motor system
            Jessica A. Grahn

10:30   Break (coffee/tea)

11:00   Oral Session 4: Entrainment in musical performance
-        Event density predicts synchronization ability in music-induced movement
Birgitta Burger, J. London, M.R. Thompson, & P. Toiviainen
-        Violin trio synchronisation: Effects of leadership, spontaneous musical rate and musical structure
Mark T. Elliott, C. Palmer, D. Ward, R. Stables, & A.M. Wing
-        Relations between individual differences in sensorimotor synchronization and the perception of synchrony in musical ensemble performance
Peter Keller, M. Clayton, L. Pearson, S. Endo, D. Vorberg, & A.M. Wing
-        How West African drummers keep in time together: Ensemble entrainment in jembe music from Mali
Rainer Polak, N. Jacoby, & J. London

12:20   Poster Session 1 & lunch

14:15   Oral Session 5: Neural correlates: entrainment
-        Functional dissociation between delta and beta oscillations for rhythmic entrainment
Andrew Chang , A. Rice , D. Bosnyak, & L.J. Trainor
-        The rhythm of silence: rhythmic neural entrainment explained by low-level auditory processes or higher-level predictive coding?
Sylvie Nozaradan, M. Cousineau, & A. Mouraux
-        Source analysis of electrophysiological correlates of beat induction as sensory-guided action
Neil P.M. Todd & C.S Lee

15:15   Break (coffee/tea)

15:45   Oral Session 6: Interpersonal movement entrainment
-        Rhythm of crew rowing: synchronisation at different stroke rates
Laura S. Cuijpers, A. Hoogerheide, F.T.J.M. Zaal, P.J.M. Passos, & H.J. de Poel
-        Coordination of fluent hand movements in dyads
Tommi Himberg, M. Niinisalo, & R. Hari
-        Phase entrainment in the ‘Silent Disco’
Harjo J. de Poel, F. Blikslager, N. Nicolai, J. Kuyvenhoven, & H. de Vries

16:45   End

17:00   Departure to location for dinner & social event
(individual return to your accommodation from Central Station, on your own)


9:00     (coffee/tea)
9:30     Keynote 3
 How cognitive is complex motor control:Neural mechanisms of rhythmic timing
            Ralf T. Krampe
10:30   Break (coffee/tea)
11:00   Oral Session 7: Rhythm perception
-        Perception of metric timing patterns in Malian jembe-music
Timo Fischinger, R. Polak, J. London, & H. Neuhoff
-        Timing rhythms: Stimulus grouping distorts short interval duration perception
Ninja K. Horr & M. Di Luca
-        Speed on the dance floor: Visual and auditory cues for musical tempo
Justin London, B. Burger, M. Thompson, & P. Toiviainen
-        Modeling the role of previous exposure on rhythm perception
Bastiaan van der Weij & H. Honing

12:20   Poster Session 2 & lunch

14:15   Oral Session 8: Neural correlates: music
-        The influence of attention on beat perception in rhythms with different accents and varying complexity: An fMRI study
Fleur L. Bouwer, C.J. Wild, H. Honing, & J.A. Grahn
-        “Did I miss my entry?” Earlier motor planning when you’ve practiced playing your cue: A TMS study of musical turn taking
Lauren V. Hadley, G. Novembre, M.J. Pickering, & P. Keller
-        The role of the basal ganglia in beat processing
Tomas Matthews & V. Penhume

15:15   Break (coffee/tea)

15:45   Oral Session 9: Entrainment and rhythm
-        Temporal anticipation and adaptation with a tempo changing adaptive metronome
Peta Mills & P. Keller
-        Temporal cueing in rhythm performance: synchronizing by sniffing
Dirk Moelants & E. Coorevits
-        Toward a perceptuo-motor matching in pattern continuity for visuo-motor synchronization
Grégory Zelic, M. Varlet, J. Kim, & C. Davis

16:45   Closing remarks

17:00   End


All posters will be presented at both Session 1 (Tuesday) and Session 2 (Wednesday). You may bring your poster on Monday; poster boards will be available then.



Entertainment during the breaks
A grand piano will be at our disposal during the breaks. Please feel free to entertain the other participants!



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