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MOVE PhD candidates follow courses specifically aimed at their individual PhD trajectory. A selection of general courses are offered by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and VU University Medical Center, but PhD candidates may also sign up for courses offered by other universities or graduate schools if appropriate for their trajectory. In addition, MOVE PhD candidates can, free of charge, choose from all courses offered by the ‘Research Master Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health’. The courses on offer in the Research Master are interdisciplinary and given by top notch MOVE researchers on a wide variety of themes and a selection of these should be suitable for all PhD candidates within MOVE. Note that all training and education must be approved in advance as part of the Training and Supervision plan (see PhD program). The PhD candidate must keep track of all completed courses and other activities and the ECTS they represent. At the end of the PhD trajectory (s)he must present a portfolio for approval before being admitted to the PhD defense.

Compulsory courses at VU and MOVE

The compulsory courses for all VU and all MOVE PhD candidates are:

Scientific integrity
Offered either by FGB, VUmc or another institution of choice
Visit to an (international) scientific conference without a paper/presentation
With a paper/presentation
Research Methods
Offered by FGB, VUmc or another institution of choice
Transferrable skills
E.g. writing and presenting, PhD success and efficacy or career orientation offered either by VU Amsterdam, VUmc or another institution of choice
MOVE introductory course / colloquia (when available)

For VUmc MOVE PhD candidates, the following courses are also compulsory (if applicable to the research project):

Course providers

A selection of courses can be found on the following sites:

  • ACTA offers courses aimed at their own graduate school students
  • The FGB graduate school offers courses for FGB PhD students
  • The VUmc PhD portal offers an overview of courses aimed at PhD candidates
  • Taalcentrum VU offer a variety of general (transferable) skills courses, e.g. writing a scientific article or presenting in English
  • VU Amsterdam offer a selection of general courses aimed at PhD students (only accessible with a VUnetID)
  • VUmc offer a selection of (teacher) training and general courses

Annual MOVE Research Meeting and VUmc Science Exchange Day

Participating in and/or visiting the Annual MOVE Research Meeting and the VUmc Science Exchange Day both provide for ECTS. Please consult the list below for the number of ECTS each activity has been given.

Participation MOVE Research Day and/or VUmc Science Exchange Day
# of ECTS
Participation with abstract, poster, as speaker and visitor (= Plus programme)
1.5 (maximum)
Participation withi abstract, poster and as visitoir (= Whole programme)
Participation with abstract, poster and as speaker
Participation as visitor only (workshops (SED only), posters and oral presentations)
Participation with abstract and poster
0.9 (0.4 + 0.5)
Participation as speaker only

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