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PhD candidates at our institute participate in an educational program consisting of general and project-specific courses, workshops and (inter)national conferences, in addition to their main task of carrying out research under supervision. In 2015, a compulsory training trajectory of 30 ECTS was introduced by the board of the university as part of the PhD trajectory for all PhD candidates, whether they are employed, on a personal grant or otherwise. As PhD candidates within MOVE are employed or hosted by one of the three faculties, each faculty offers faculty specific training requirements and programmes.

Aims of the PhD program

  • To teach candidates to independently organize and conduct scientific research;
  • To train candidates to present research results in both written and in oral form (in English to fellow researchers and in one’s own language to students and laypersons);
  • To provide candidates with knowledge of, and insight into, the present state and the current debates within the field of study of fundamental and clinical human movement sciences.

These aims are partly realized in the process of conducting research under supervision. Because the day-to-day interaction with supervisors and fellow PhD candidates will not completely cover all the desired aims, the 30 ECTS training trajectory has been added to formalize the PhD candidate training. The PhD training plan is part of the Training and Guidance plan and has to be completed by all PhD candidates prior to starting the PhD trajectory In this manner, each PhD candidate will complete an individually tailored training path as part of the PhD trajectory.

The different training requirements for the PhD candidates, as set out by the three participating faculties, can be found below.

The graduate school at ACTA has courses tailored towards PhD candidates within the ACTA research priority areas.

The Faculty of Behaviour and Movement Sciences (FGB) graduate school offers a selection of specific and general courses for PhD candidates of Human Movement sciences.

The VUmc medical faculty has assigned the training of PhD candidates to the research institutes. MOVE has a limited number of compulsory courses. Additional courses for PhD candidates at the Medical Faculty can be found on the VUmc PhD Portal. VUmc PhD candidates are free to follow their PhD education where they want, be it EpidM, FGB or elsewhere, as long as the courses have been approved in the Training and Supervision plan set up in collaboration with the supervisor and approved by the research institute. In addition to completing the Training and Supervision plan, PhD candidates are also requested to complete the MOVE OBP Excel sheet. Both the training and supervision plan and the completed Excel sheet must be submitted to MOVEoffice@vu.nl for approval.

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