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Scientific Integrity & Quality Care

Quality Care

Scientific quality care is a way of working which enables the quality of the conducted research or research outcomes to improve or remain stable. Quality care with respect to research aims to maximize the scientific and/or societal impact of the research. It includes all the activities aimed at the following objectives:

1) Optimization of the quality of the research

2) Monitoring the quality of the research process



Scientific Integrity

Scientific integrity demands - from our staff as well as our students - to act with integrity in research, education and social services and to observe and propagate the written and unwritten rules that apply for academic affairs.

The VU University Amsterdam, the VU Medical Center Amsterdam and ACTA endorse the rules as formulated by the Royal Dutch Acacemy of Sciences (KNAW). The topic "scientific integrity" is embedded in our educational programme and we are promoting this goal by the appointment of two Ombudsmen.



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