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PhD research projects take an important place within MOVE. Currently more than 100 PhD candidates are working in various research areas, employed by one of the three participating faculties or as guest researchers.

Duration of a PhD project
PhD candidates are normally appointed for a period of four years (full-time employment). The emphasis of the trajectory lies in conducting research and writing a dissertation. During the PhD trajectory a load of 30 ECTS training must be followed in order to be admitted to the thesis defence. In addition, PhD candidates are, on a limited scale, involved as teaching (assistants) in the regular faculty education programmes. The exemption to this rule is a 3-year PhD track, as part of a EU or otherwise funded grant. Another group of PhD candidates who usually take more time to complete their trajectory are the guest PhD candidates and the Medical Doctors or Dentists in training. They have, in general, limited time available to work on their research project and therefore need more time before they can defend their thesis.

Guidance and training
All MOVE PhD candidates have to complete a training a guidance plan before commencing the PhD trajectory. In this plan detailed agreements are made on the schedule, coaching, training and education as well as the available facilities. The plan is compulsory for all PhD candidates, either as part of the employment contract or as part of the guest PhD trajectory.

Recruitment and selection
The recruitment of candidates is done through advertisements on the ACTA/VU/VUmc and other relevant websites. The FGB research master students have proven a solid supplier of well qualified PhD candidates, but this is not the sole supplier of PhD candidates. We recruit candidates with any relevant MSc degree within life sciences and health. We strive to involve suitable candidates in the development of research proposals and the preparation of the PhD program.

Project based PhD positions
Throughout the year specific project based PhD positions are advertised separately on the university (hospital’s) job vacancy pages. To visit these pages please go to vacancies.

Phd positions by own funding
PhD candidates who bring their own research grants or other means of funding are not employed by one of the MOVE partners as PhD candidates, but are full members of the research institute; they receive supervision and guidance from senior staff within MOVE and are offered the facilities necessary to complete the PhD project.
Provided the research project falls within the scope of MOVE, the facilities and guidance can be accommodated so that the PhD degree can be obtained within MOVE and one of its member faculties. The project supervisor at the member faculty requests a tuition fee (fixed) and running costs (dependent on the project) which will be agreed upon and paid for each year in advance.

Training and guidance plan PhD candidates
The Training and Guidance Plan (in Dutch: Opleidings- en BegeleidingsPlan) is compulsory for all candidates and should be completed as soon as possible and at the latest three months after the PhD candidate has started his/her project. The faculties all have their own specific training requirements (see PhD Program).

If you have any further queries about doing a PhD at MOVE Research Institute Amsterdam, please contact Ms. Solveig Lund, M.A. (s.lund@vu.nl).

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