prof. dr. A. de Haan (Arnold)

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  • E-mail:a.de.haan@vu.nl
  • Onderdeel:faculteit der gedrags- en bewegingswetenschappen ( bewegingswetenschappen )

Arnold de Haan received the M.Sc. degree in biochemistry at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1978. He received his PhD degree in 1988 on the thesis “Mechanics and Energetics of Skeletal Muscle” He is professor in Exercise Physiology at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences of the VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since 2003, he is part-time professor in Muscle Biochemistry at the Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, United Kingdom. He is main coordinator of the European Consortium for Research into Biological Movement (Biomove). He is Director of the Research Institute MOVE of the VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
His main professional interests concern short-term changes in metabolic and functional muscle characteristics (fatigue, potentiation) and adaptations to increased and decreased muscle activity as a result of training, disease, bedrest, spinal cord injury and aging. With integrative and translational research, he tries to bridge the gap between research at the genetic/molecular level and research performed whole human body level.

Key words: Skeletal muscle, fatigue, neuromuscular plasticity, training, rehabilitation, neuromuscular disorders, unloading, disuse, performance


Selected SCI publications (2010-2014):

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(Co-)promoter of the following completed PhD theses:

1992LodderEfficiency and fatigue of skeletal muscle
1993BeelenHuman power output and fatigue
1995Sant’Ana PereiraStructural and functional variability in human and rat skeletal muscle fibres
1996De RuiterPhysiological properties of skeletal muscle units vary with the intra-muscular location of their fibres
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2000ZoladzLimitations to sustained power output with special reference to the significance of the change point in the VO2/power output relationship
2000KaratzaferiHuman muscle fatigue and recovery
2000GerritsMuscle adaptations in people with spinal cord injury
2001AbbateThe effects of stimulation patterns on performance and energetics of skeletal muscle
2004BeltmanMetabolically assessed fibre recruitment
2005RijkelijkhuizenEccentric exercise and muscle properties
2007KooistraThe influence of knee angle on human quadriceps femoris performance
2007KanCreatine: biosynthesis, uptake and turnover
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2010TesterinkVitamin D and skeletal muscle structure and function
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2013WezenbergOptimizing Prosthetic Gait: Balancing capacity and load
2013Furrer Muscle and Bone in Training
2015VoornAerobic exercise capacity in post-polio syndrome


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