How fat helps bone growth> inspired by motion
How fat helps bone growth

When you lose a tooth, a root implant is one of the options, but now and then there's not enough bone to do so. Increasing the upper jaw bone with bone tissue from elsewhere in the body is currently the standard solution to this problem. Drawbacks are the limited availability, temporary discomfort at the location of the donor site and probability of surgical complications. For some time now we are looking for material that can replace bone tissue. A bone tissue replacement material in combination with stem cells might offer a solution.

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Movement and health> inspired by motion
Movement and health

Physical activity is of utmost importance for health and quality of life. However, excessive physical activity can also cause health problems. For human movement scientists, the relationship between health and physical activity is an important theme. How can treatment, training or provision of for example orthoses optimize the performance of movement tasks in people with movement disorders and how can for example ergonomic measures prevent musculoskeletal disorders?

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To simulate a vertebral disc> inspired by motion
To simulate a vertebral disc

Cells behave different in a three-dimensional environment than in a flat plane. Much like a jellyfish has a different shape in the sea than on the beach. An experiment with a petri dish does not take us much further. For that reason, we use bioreactors, in which the circumstances of an organ or tissue are simulated.

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Is looking required at all times?> inspired by motion
Is looking required at all times?

To score, you need to look at your target at the right time. We discovered that during a basketball jump shot a mere 0.5 seconds of looking at the target rim is enough to be successful. That half a second should be as close as possible to the moment of ball release. With special glasses we train players to use only this relevant information.

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How to spare your back?> inspired by motion
How to spare your back?

That one person suffers from back pain easily rather than another is not only due to differences in the strength of their vertebrae. Different people perform their movements in different ways. And is bending your knees better than bending your back?

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